Vanbrugh Castle School


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Many documents about Vanbrugh Castle & the school

Benefactors of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

Alexander Duckham - benefactor Lord Wakefield - benefactor
Articles about the School

The School Prospectus for Vanbrugh Castle & Rooks Hill 1951 The layouts of the Castle & Wakefield Wing in the 1950's Housewife Magazine Article 1965 Links Army Training Pamphlet The Lady Magazine Article 1958 The Star Newspaper 1957 Times Educational Supplement 1958 Corner's correspondence (1965) about putting up a Blue Plaque to John Vanbrugh The School Prospectus 1965 John Corner's Notes for new staff - 1968 Corner's correspondence (1969) with Sir Laurence Bragg at the RI Corner's correspondence about tunnels 1970 Wakefield Wing History Wakefield Wing Plans A letter from Stanley Willis asking for information 1960 Newspaper Articles - Introduction Cuttings from 1961 Round Table charity match Cuttings from 1962 RAF News 1963 Times 3rd Dec 1965 Cuttings from 1966 Kentish Mercury & Independent 1968 Cuttings from 1969 Paul McCann's sporting prowess Cuttings from 1972 Cuttings from 1974 Cuttings from 1975 Visit to Holland 1975 Cake Presentation 1975 A letter to mothers, from the RAFBF, with instructions for new entrants (1968) An induction letter, from J.H.Corner, to mothers with new entrants (1968) Notes for Parents (1968) Accounts for Vanbrugh Castle School 1968 & 1969 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Introduction The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1964 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Christmas 1964 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1965 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1965 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1966 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1966 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Autumn 1966 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1968 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1968 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Christmas 1968 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1969 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Christmas 1969 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1970 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1971 The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Christmas 1971 Carol Service tickets Xmas 1972 Country Life Magazine Article May 1976 M V Morton (master at VCS) Press Article 1975 A tour guide of the Castle written by M.V. Morton RAF Anniversary Concert 1957 Residential Staff at the School obtained from electoral registers A Remarkable School - Sir Arthur Bryant 1970 Edward Bishop's book about the RAFB 1969 Pages from the 1969 School Prospectus One boy's sporting record RAF News Article 1971 John Corner's Retirement 1973 School Prospectus 1973 This is Your Life television programme 1974 Presentation of a cheque by the Variety Club of Great Britain 1974 School Timetable (1975) St Clement Danes - R.A.F. Church Biographical details of Peter Lyons (housemaster 1950-1954) Biographical information about the four headmasters of the school A boy-centred history of the school