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Latest additions to the site

Photographs and other documents relating to Vanbrugh Castle School which help to tell the story of the place will be gratefully received.

March 2024 :
1974 cricket team added.
Brian Shorter high jump added.

November 2022 :
Names added to the 1930 school photograph.
Two more Duckham letters added.
Room allocation proposal.

July 2022 :
The school photograph for 1930 added.

14th September 2021 :
Reunion 2021

September 2021 :
Reunion covid precautions
The school in 1961

August 2021 :
Final instructions

June 2021 :
Corner's retirement announcement.
School prospectus 1973.

May 2021 :
Summer 1967 Chronicle added

Some changes to 'A Boy Centred History'

February 2021 :
1968 School photo

January 2021 :
Facebook link added to home page.

December 2020 :
Another edition of Vanbrugh Chronicle (1966)

November 2020 :
A boy-centred history of the school

May 2020 :
Notice of centenary reunion in 2021

August 2019 :
!960's School Prospectus

The changing skyline.

July 2019 :
Names added to photos. here

Band and Form photos added Band 1958,
Year group

'Tilly' Tillotson dies Tilly

May 2019 :
Mark Fearon's photo's added

February 2019 :
The school logo. photographs

Cricket team.Cricket team 1970

More info.More info added.

January 2019 :
Three photos from 1970's added. Speech Day 1973, Last Speech Day 1976, 'Emil & Detectives' play. photographs
(Thanks to Danny Downes)

December 2018 :
Several newspaper cuttings, notes for new staff and a timetable (1975) added.documents

November 2018 :
Photos from 1958, 1962 and 1965" added - with thanks to Arthur Rodgers.

October 2018 :
Cine film of 1973 Speech Day added

September 2018 :
Reunion report & photos added

July 2018 :
Two more school photos added from the 1970's (thanks to Danny Downes).

December 2017 :
Result of reunion poll.
RAF News article 1971.

September 2017 :
Seven more Vanbrugh Chronicles,
Accounts for 1969,
Carol Service tickets 1972,
A boy's sporting certificates,
Joining Instructions from the RAFBF to mothers,
Induction letter from J.H.Corner to mothers,
Notes for Parents,
New biology lab. photograph,
Speech Day 1969 phographs.

We thank Colin Cummings for providing many new documents, and his mother for keeping many of those items that others have thrown away.

March 2017 :
Six editions of The Vanbrugh Chronicle added to the list of documents. Many thanks to Paul McCann for supplying them. Does anybody else have other editions?

More of Paul's photos added.

Bader newspaper clip added to '47-'58 photos.

Reunion Poll page added.

June 2017 :
Pre-WW2 photos added.

Dec 2016 :
Ron Hawes' details added to contacts list.

October 2016:
Royal Institution correspondence added to documents.
J H Corner's graduation photograph added to his details in Documents >> Headmasters.

September 2016:
Paul McCann's photos added.
Vanbrugh Chronicle added to documents.

July 2016 :
Website re-designed and a few documents about Alexander Duckham, Lord Wakefield and headmasters added.

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