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Notes for Parents

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Notes for Parents


Notes for Parents

First and foremost it is essential for parents to understand that this School exists for the benefit of their sons alone, and that our various rules and requirements have been devised for their benefit. These Notes have therefore been prepared to enable parents to understand how the School runs and thus to obtain for their boys the greatest possible benefit. To save everyone unnecessary correspondence and uncertainty the Notes should be kept for reference and not destroyed.


The parents should accompany their boys at the beginning of the first term. They should arrive between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. The Medical and Dental Certificates, filled in and signed by the family doctor and dentist, should have been sent in two weeks earlier to the Headmaster. The N.H.S. Medical Card should be brought on the first day and handed to the Matron. Clothing should be brought in accordance with the Clothing List supplied by the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund. A post-card should be sent to the Headmaster one week in advance stating the time at which the parent and boy will arrive.


Return tickets to home towns are given to all boys at the end-of-term. Tickets to other destinations cannot be given.


If parents wish their sons to be met at London stations, they must make their requests to the Headmaster one week in advance. They should explain to their sons that it may not be possible for school staff to meet them, and that they should then report to the Station Police. We cannot meet boys who arrive in London between 4 and 6 p.m. Whenever possible, parents should bring their boys back or ask friends or relations to meet them at the stations and conduct the boys to the School. If boys are not returning because of illness or other urgent reason, the School must be informed in advance, for obvious reasons.


We have one Visiting Day round about half-term when boys are free to go out with parents from 9 a.m. until half-an-hour after normal bed-time. First-Form boys are due back at 6.30 however. Parents who wish to visit their boys must send a letter to the Headmaster one week in advance stating exactly what their plans are.


It is a rule that boys may go out with relatives and friends only with the written consent of the parents.


Before the School breaks up parents will receive details of their sons' journey home and if any choice is possible, this will be offered. A card will also be sent to the parents which must be returned by the date stated. But with the growing traffic problems in London and the unreliable train services it is hoped that as many parents as possible will accompany their boys to and from school or get relations or friends to do this for them.


The school gives pocket money according to this scale; "Prefects 2/6 a week, Seniors 2/- a week, Juniors 1/6 a week". Parents may not send more than this amount in addition (i.e. they may double the boys' income, but no more) and all money must be sent to Mr. M. V. Morton at the School. Cash or postal orders sent direct to the boys will be returned to parents at the end of term. Any excess pocket money sent to the boys will be confiscated and returned to the parent at the end of term less a charge for postage, etc.


The School cannot deal with ordinary routine medical and dental matters that concern the home doctor and dentist, but will of course do every­thing possible in cases of emergency. Parents must make appointments with their own dentists for the inspection of their sons' teeth every holiday and refer any medical matters to the family doctor. If boys are sent to the School Sick Room, the Matron sends a note to the parents; it may then be assumed that progress is satisfactory unless a further letter is sent. Boys with allergies to certain foods must bring a doctor's certificate. Boys suffering from nocturnal enuresis cannot be accepted.


Boys write letters home once a week at least, and an hour is set aside for this purpose. They should reach homes by Tuesday morning. We do not censor them, if parents receive statements that sound wild or false, they should get in touch with the Headmaster, for boys sometimes exaggerate. It is important that mothers should write to their boys at least once a week.


All clothing must be clearly and permanently marked with name-tapes. Boys travel to and from home in their school clothes. Holiday clothes are not allowed.


We take some trouble with the boys' speech while they are at school, and parents are asked to support our efforts as far as they can in the holidays.


Our boys do not take the 11+ tests. Instead they sit for the Common Entrance Examination for Public Schools as a result of which they may be accepted by the senior schools to which we send our boys. They leave in July if they become 13 before the 1st of September following.


The boys attend Matins at the Royal Naval College Chapel. Similar arrangements are made for Roman Catholic boys to attend Mass.

14. HAIR

We now omit the final hair-cut at the end of term, so that boys may choose their own holiday styles.


Papers like "Eagle", "Swift" and the educational magazines are allowed and encouraged, but the cheap and nasty sort - usually American - is forbidden.


Watches and pocket-knives are forbidden to boys under the age of 10. Sheath-knives are forbidden to all boys.


Radio sets are allowed at the School only if the boy's parent holds a valid licence. A statement confirming this must be sent to the Headmaster.

18. CHEWING GUM is entirely forbidden.


Questions concerning allowances, pensions and contributions should be addressed to the Education Branch Secretary. The R.A.F. Benevolent Fund, 67, Portland Place, London, W.I.


A boy's continued stay at the School depends on his behaviour, scholastic progress and the parent's co-operation.


I have read the attached Notes and agree to observe the principles and rules of the School while my son is a pupil there.

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