Vanbrugh Castle School

Joining Instructions

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Letter to parents with Joining Instructions for New Entrants

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26th June,1968.

Dear Mrs Cummings ,


1. Following your son(s) Colin's acceptance for entry to Vanbrugh School in September this year, I am enclosing the necessary joining instructions. These include certain forms which require completion and return, and some literature. Will you please read the instructions given in this letter very carefully, and if you have any queries please let me know.

2. The term begins on Tuesday 17th September , and you should bring Colin to the school by 4p.m. on that day, We like mothers to accompany their son(s) when they first join the school so that they can see them settled, and discuss any last minute matters with the Headmaster.

3. Forms. The following forms are enclosed :-

(a) R.A.F. Benevolent Fund Application Forms. You should complete this form in as much detail as possible; especially in regard to information about your present income and expenditure. The information on this form is for the guidance of the Grants Committee of the Fund in determining what contribution, if any, you should make towards the fees - and is also used by them if you are seeking help towards the cost of initial outfitting, travel expenses etc. For information about fees see para.5.

(b) Clothing List. You will note that the items in the clothing list are classified into groups A and B. The items in group B are purchased by the school on behalf of the parent to ensure uniformity; the account for these being sent to you by the school after they are purchased . All clothing should be suitably marked with name tabs (similar to Cash's tabs) and you should bring a supply of these (about 4 dozen) so that replacement clothing can be clearly marked. If you are unable to meet the cost of the clothing without experiencing financial difficulty it is open to you to apply for help and your request will be carefully considered by the Grants Committee in the light of your financial circumstances.

(c) Medical Form. You should get the Medical Form completed by your son's Doctor as soon as possible, and return it to the Headmaster at Vanbrugh School direct at least a week before the commencement of the term.

4. Notes to Parents. Please read carefully the Notes to Parents and after perusal sign the certificate and return to the Headmaster direct.

5. Fees. The fees at Vanbrugh are now £411 per annum (being boarding £225 and tuition £186). Mothers are required to make a contribution towards the fees if possible, but the main object in charging fees is to enable the parent to apply to the local education authority where appropriate, the Ministry of Social Security War Pensions Authority to be considered for awards towards the cost. You must therefore apply immediately to the local education authority to see if they will help, and to the local Ministry of Social Security War Pensions Authority if your husband's death is deemed attributable to his R.A.F. service - and you are in receipt of a War Widows' Pension and allowances. When applying you should advise them that your son has been accepted for Vanbrugh, and ask them for help towards the cost of the fees. The assessment of the contribution you should make towards your son's fees will be determined by the Grants Committee when they have details of your present income and expenditure but, for your confidential information, I can assure you that you will not be asked to make a contribution larger than you can reasonably afford. I am enclosing an official letter of acceptance which you can send to the L.E.A. and M.O.P. Authorities when making your application for help with fees.

6. Travelling_Expenses. If you are likely to experience financial difficulty in meeting the cost of your own and your son's fares when bringing him to Vanbrugh, it is open to you to apply for help and your request will be carefully considered by the Committee. In this event you should let us have details of the cost of the fares and include this request in our application form that is enclosed (see para.3(a) ).

7. I hope these instructions do not appear too complicated but, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to write.

8. Please quote our reference number in all correspondence with us.

Yours sincerely,

Wing Commander O.Simpson.
for Secretary (R).

c.c. J.Corner,Esq.,M.A.
Vanbrugh Castle School,