Vanbrugh Castle School

The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1969

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The Vanbrugh Chronicle


Resident Staff in the past term have been the same:

Headmaster Mrs. Smith
Mr. Morton Miss Oldacres
Mr. Lilly-white Mrs. Berry
Miss Johnson Miss Tove Carleson
Mr. Pafford Mrs. Trevor

We shall miss Miss Johnson and Mr. Lilly-white who are leaving to get married, the former to Mr. Christopher Gailey and the latter to Miss Christine Spiers.

Among part-time Staff we must mention

Mrs. Spiers Weaving and Painting
Mr.K.G.Naish Band
Mr. B. W. BlakeleyWoodwork
Father O'LearyCatholic Priest
Father WraggAnglican Priest
Sergeant Kelland, R. M.P. T.
Mr. W. L. GarstangPhysics and Chemistry

Next term we shall be welcoming

Miss Karin Usher B. A., of Leicester University to teach Geography,
Mr. Christopher Dyer B.A., of Trinity College Dublin to teach History,
Mr. John Berry of Beloit College, Wisconsin, U.S.A., who comes as a student teacher.


These boys are leaving at the end of the present term:

Vth Form Michael McConnell (Head Boy) R
Timothy Baker (Prefect) KH
Glen Webber AA
Anthony Jakeman G
IVth Form Michael McGartland DS
Duncan Brown SA
Neville Armstrong AA
Barry Seaton KH
Tony Seaton KH
11nd Form Paul Dow DS
Kevin McGartland DS

The letters refer to their next schools:

KH = Kingham Hill
R Reed's
AA Royal Alexander and Albert
G Gordons Boys School
SA St. Augustine's
DS Day School.



We are lucky to have so many distinguished and interesting visitors. This term we have welcomed:-


A number of interesting visits have been made this term. Among them have been the following:-

A Festival Hall Concert - Tour of the Ford Factory at Dagenham - Strawberry Farm in Kent - The Royal Tournament - Mermaid Theatre - Whitehall Theatre -Another Kentish Farm (1st Form only) - Squadron Leader Pound's Farm at Sevenoaks - East Malling Agricultural Research Station - Rope-making Factory at Greenwich.

We are very grateful to the staff of the school and all the other people who gave their time to entertain us.


By means of the generosity of Lady Knollys we are able to offer most boys a summer holiday before they leave.

These holidays have been granted this year:

Eagle Adventure Holiday (Fishing at Malton):

N.Armstrong, G. Webber

Two Weeks at RAF Bruggen in Germany:

T.Baker, D.Brown, C.Sanderson, J. Cooke, D. Sawyer, A.Butler

Summer-house Camp at Sevenoaks:

A. Akeman, J.Rashid, B.Seaton, A.Seaton


A group of ten boys and the Headmaster were invited to spend twenty-four hours at Royal Air Force stations at Oakington near Cambridge and Coltishall. They travelled in the school bus, and at Oakington saw crash displays and the fire section in action, control tower and many aircraft. They slept in an ordinary service dormitory with a Corporal in charge and were given a welcome by the Station Commander.

Next day they drove on to Coltishall where they were entertained individually in the homes of officers and senior NCO's. They saw Air Traffic Control dealing with the arrival and departure of Lightnings, they sat in a Lightning Simulator, fired rounds on the . 22 rifle-range among other things.

They then drove the 150 miles back to school for the beginning of term. We all offer our gratitude to the Station Commanders and their staffs for a most enjoyable experience.


These matches have been played:

Westminster Abbey Choir School (2) Lost and Drew
Westminster Under School (2) Drew both
King's College School, Cambridge Drew
Carn Brea 2nd XI Won
Homefield (2) Drew both
King's House, Richmond Won
Clare House Lost

The regular players have been:

Michael McConnell (Captain) S. Kimber J. Quail M. Elliott J. Rashid I. Barlow C. Sanderson T. Baker A. Seaton T. Cadwell G. Sanders


They have played the following matches:

Riverston School Won
Christ's College (3) Won all three
Homefield (2) Lost both

Teams have been chosen from

M. Galvin, R. Leghorn, I. Jackson (Captain), G. Hughes i, M. McConnell ii, I. Nethercott, T. Cadwell, K. Webb, G. Hughes ii, S. Webber, P. Start, I. Barlow


For the first time we have been taking the examinations of Amateur Swimming Association called Personal Survival Tests, and in the past two terms have been awarded

27 bronze medals
23 silver medals
and 12 gold medals

Our only swimming match was against the Westminster Abbey choristers which we won quite easily. The inter-house match was won by Harries.


B. Jakeman 1st clarinet
M. McConnell ii 1st clarinet
J. Rashid 1st clarinet
G. Hughes 2nd clarinet
K. McGartland 2nd clarinet
M. Gribben saxophone
I. Barlow horn
K. Webb 2nd trumpet
M. Fifield 2nd trumpet
I. Jackson 1st trumpet
G. Sanders trombone
T. Baker trombone
P. Borthwick tuba

Bandmaster: Mr. K. G. Naish of the Royal Artillery Band.


has consisted of:

A. Butler (Head Chorister), T. Baker, C. Sanderson, M. Gribben, I. Barlow, I. Jackson, J. Rashid, T. Cadwell, G. Butler, P. McCann, M. Davidson, R. Leghorn. Of these only T. Baker is leaving.


Head Boy M. McConnell
George Sims Music Prize T. Baker
Music Prizes Martin Gribben
Gregory Sanders
Junior Music Kevin Webb
Form Prizes V M. McConnell
IV Roger Leghorn
11 Paul Start
1 Martin Blake
Mathematics T. Baker
History (11 Form) Mark Fifield
Reading Senior Simon Kempster
Junior Ian Black
Art Javaid Rashid
Peter McCann


In order to give certain boys in the Vth and the IVth Forms a choice to have art instruction we run a small Club under Mrs. Spiers on Monday evenings. Last term they have been: Glenn Webber, Roger Leghorn, Javaid Rashid, Mark McConnell, Martin Gribben, Ian Barlow, Stephen Kimber, Peter McCann


Another class run by Mrs. Spiers. Their work was on show on Speech Day. The members meet twice a week and have been: M. McConnell (i) , T. Baker, J. Cooke, A. Walker, M. Fifield.


This is a new venture, and we are fortunate to have Mr. Blakeley as our instructor. The boys have made several useful articles for themselves, and a cross and candlesticks for use when we have services at the school.

Present members of the class are:- Borthwick, A. Butler, P. Butler, A. Jakeman, B. Jakeman, Jackson, Seaton A. , Seaton B, and Walsh.

OLD BOYS' NEWS. .......from Martin Smith, Secretary of the Old Boys' Assoc.

To anybody unfamiliar with Vanbrugh tradition it may appear a little strange that a school as small as ours should boast an Old Boys' Association, but where VCS is concerned, "One big happy family" is more than a mere idle slogan, and I am sure you will agree that such an association is the most natural extension of the "family" with its strong tradition of frequent visits paid by Old Boys to their former home. Old Boys' Associations are an institution peculiar to Great Britain, and very few prep schools have one - however, we all know that OUR old school is something very much "out of the ordinary".

The idea of re-forming the then defunct "Vanbrugh Old Boys' Association" came from Mr. Corner in an open letter to recent leavers at Christmas, 1966, and to this end an ad-hoc Committee was set. up on Monday, January 9th, 1967. Our first Reunion took place on December 19th that year, when a temporary Constitu­tion was adopted. The second meeting took place on December 21st of last year. Five termly newsletters have been circulated to all members.

The Old Vanbrugh Boys' Association, to use its full title, has now been in existence for 19 months, during which time a total of 78 Old Boys have joined. Of these 35 are still at other Boarding-Schools, 9 at Reed's, 14 at Kingham Hill, 3 at Royal Wolverhampton, 2 at Royal Wanstead, 2 at Reedham, 3 at St. Augustine's Abbey and 2 at Royal Alexandra. These were the latest figures available at the time of going to press (July 26th).

We are glad to welcome the following 1969 leavers, and look forward to hearing from them at their new schools: Glen Webber; Michael McConnell; Neville Armstrong; Duncan Brown; Timothy Baker; Kevin and Michael McGartland; Barrington and Anthony Seaton, these latter are the first twins to join the OVBA. Other new members include :-

Ronald Turner (1959) who is living in Weybridge and apparently flourishing in business:

Peter Giles (1952) lives in Canterbury where he is a member of the Volunteer Emergency Service;

Colin Thirsk (1966) has written:

" I was extremely happy to receive the June edition of the Newsletter and to hear how some of my old pals are getting on, I am in class 4a of Windsor Grammar School. I am a member of Ford house and take a keen interest in sports - at the moment I play tennis and cricket for the house, but during next term I shall play Rugby and Hockey. I have played for the school U.15 cricket XI and been 'on the brink' of the school hockey team I have just taken '0' level English and Chemistry with Physics. Next year I shall take the rest, and in the 6th form I hope to study languages. "

David Williams (1961) is at present living and working in Cambridge.

Christopher Pafford (1962) has successfully passed the First Year exams which count towards his degree course in Geography in Kings College London. He plays for the Old Reedonians Rugby Football Club, of which his brother David (1960) is Captain.

Kevin Mulligan (19 ** ) left St. Augustine's at Christmas, and is now attending Cregagh Technical College, Belfast where he has recently taken his GCE '0' levels.

Peter Sanders (19** ) has also left St. Augustine's last Easter, and now attends Hull Grammar School. He is taking '0' levels next year. Iain Webber (19 **) left Royal Wolverhampton after taking '0' levels this term. During recent visits to Reed's I have obtained a little news about our members there:

Martin Barlow (1968) of Blathwayt House is a member of his Junior House Cricket learn, and the Third form. He also plays for the School Under 14 cricket team of which he is Captain, and the U14. Rugby and Hockey Teams. Martin competed in his house Athletics teams, and is a member of the Junior Science and Debating Societies, (Reed's have amended their form numbering system, and the forms now termed "third1" and "fourth1" were formerly the Lower and Upper Fourth. All references to form numbers in this article are for the past academic year.)

Tom Galvin (1968) of 3rd form and the Blathwayt Junior House Team recently spent some time at home from school suffering from appendicitis, and we are glad to note that he has fully recovered.

Keith Huxford (1965) of Capel House is leaving this term.

John Ingleson (1968) of 3rd form plays for the Blathwayt House Junior Cricket Team.

Ian Macfadyan (1964) has left Reed's after 5 years, during which he was created a Dristowe House Prefect. He hopes to read Law at University, for which he has been awarded a Kitchener Scholarship. Although Ian only spent 18 months at VCS, he was Head Boy in 1963/4, and was founder of the Vanbrugh Chronicle.

Chris Owens (1968, formerly Senior Chorister at the Royal Naval College is a member of the Reed's School Choir, which is generally agreed among Old Reedonians to be the best it has ever been. He sings Alto which he says is far more demanding than singing Treble. Chris is in the 3rd form and Bristowe House and is a keen cricketer. I was recently privileged to witness him scoring 11 not out in a Junior House Match against a strong Blathwayt House Junior Team including such formidable opponents as Martin Barlow. Tommy Galvin and John Ingleson - 11 is no mean score in such matches!!! Chris sent me the following note recently, which suggests that he is leading a full life at Reed's. " I don't know how much free time you had in the lower forms, but I never seem to have any, and this term, with cricket, athletics and practising the piano, I hardly ever get a spare moment except on Sundays, when I am usually writing to people - I have 6 to write to today. And people say that school is the happiest part of your life: Cor!! " - I must say I asked for that; he wrote it in reply to a comment of mine to the effect "sit back and enjoy an easy time on your first year". Chris is also a member of the reed's School Choral Society and recently took part in its peformance of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Trial by Jury".

David Patten (1965) of Mullens House is a School Prefect, and is staying at Reed's for a further year. He joined VCS in 1963.

There is a great deal of exchanging news between the Chronicle and the OVBA newsletters, and quite a lot of "jiggery-pokery" is involved in avoiding duplication of news from one issue to the next. Some news has been sent from Kingham Hill, which I have had to edit to save you reading the same information as you received in the Christmas 1968 Chronicle:

Peter Banbury (1965) of Greenwich House is a member of the Music Club, which combined with the School Orchestra. He has played in the school 2nd Rugby XV and his House Football, Rugby and Cricket teams. He is leaving this term and hopes to go into the Computer Industry. We wish him all the best in the future.

Robert Campbell (1967) of Greenwich House is a member of the School Orchestra and Under 15 Rugby and Cricket and Under 16 Swimming teams. He has played for his house Senior Football, Cricket and Rugby teams, and is also a riding instructor.

Philip Greig (1968) of Greenwich House is a member of the CCF army section, and has played for the Under 14 school soccer and cricket teams, and Junior House Rugby Soccer teams.

Brian Tyekiff (1966) of Greenwich House has played for the school 2nd and Under 16 XV s, the first XI Cricket team, and is a member of the school's 'B' Shooting Team. Brian has played for his house in Rugby, Soccer and Cricket teams, and is also a riding instructor.

Charles Kendall (1967) of Bradford House is in the school U15 Rugby and Athletics teams, as well as playing rugby, soccer and cricket for his house.

George Pountney (1966) of Bradford House is a member of the History Club, He has represented his school in the Under 16 Rugby, Athletics and Cross Country teams and the Swimming V111, and holds the School record for 100 yards Senior Backstroke.

Trevor Ogden (196*) is a Norwich House Prefect, and is studying French, History and English in the 6th form. He is a member of the Engineers Club, and has played for the school 1st Rugby XV, 1st Football XI and 2nd and 1st Cricket Xls. Trevor has also shot for the school "A" shooting team.

Brian Pafford (1964) is leaving this term after 5 years in Norwich House, including a years' work in Lower 6th. He has played for the School 1st Rugby XV. 1st Cricket XI and Basketball team, and his Senior House equivalent teams.

Paul McCann (1966) of Norwich House is a member of the Octagon Debating Society, and has played for the school's first teams in Rugby, Soccer and Cricket.

Finally, Arthur Rodgers (1967) of Norwich House, to whom we are indebted for the KHS news, participated in the Oxfordshire Shooting Competition of which the Kingham Kill School "C" team won the League. Arthur has played for the school Under 15 Rugby, Football and Cricket Teams, and along with several other OVB's has passed his RAF proficiency test.

Apart from those already mentioned, the following are also leaving school this term: Richard Haigh (1966), James Keeble (1966) and Andrew Solomon (1966), all formerly of Bradford House. We wish them and any who may have inadvert­ently been omitted the very best in their new life.

And that concludes the current news of the Old Boys, except to say that we of the OVBA send cordial greetings to all readers of the Vanbrugh Chronicle, and particularly to the staff and present boys.