Vanbrugh Castle School

The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Summer 1965

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The Vanbrugh Chronicle


This term will be my last time as Editor of the Vanbrugh Chronicle. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have bought a magazine and so made it possible to keep it running. Also I would like to thank my staff for writing their articles and so helping to compile this Edition and previous ones. And, last but not least, to the Headmaster for looking it over before it went to the printers. I hope that we have covered all the aspects of this term's happenings and lastly I would like to tell the lady who signed herself "A Mum" that I think we have written what she wanted in the "Visits to Places" article by J. Clelford.

K. Huxford Editor


On the 7th of July, the Band went to play to Princess Margaret when she opened a Youth Club in Deptford.

On the 14th of July the Band went to Kingham Hill School to play in a Concert.

On June the 29th, some boys went to the Royal Institution to hear a lecture on physics by a distinguished professor.

The boys who did not go out on visiting day went to see 'Goldfinger' for the second time. The Headmaster very kindly took all the boys who are leaving at the end of this term to supper.

GUESTS by J. Elliott

MR. NEWMANE came to tea and afterwards gave us a talk on the Tokyo Paralympics which he took part in.

SGT. STIBBARDS, of the Greenwich Police, came again and showed some short films about the Police Force.

VISITORS TO LUNCH: Mr. Cutting, Miss Sandy, Sir John Whitley, Lady Cordingley, Viscountess Portal and the Rector of Deptford.

FLIGHT LIEUTENANT GOODALL came on the 9th July to give us a talk on the R.A.F. and show us some equipment.

BAND by P. Banbury

On Thursday, 7th July, the Band went to St. Pauls Church, Deptford, to the opening of the Crypt Club. Princess Margaret opened the Club and spoke to a few members of the school band.

At the end of this term three boys are leaving the band. Martin Cull (Trumpet); Peter Banbury (Trumpet) Jonathan Clelford (Euphonium)



The Swimming Sports were won this year by Harries House, beating Cordingley by 108 points to 102 points. The Captains were: D. Patten : Cordingley and T. Maynard : Harries.

Three swimming records were broken by:-

Martin Cull : Freestyle 1 length
David Patten : Breast Stroke 1 length and also
Cordingley relay team: H. Richardson, M. Cull, D. Patten and P. McCann.


These are to be held on the 22nd July on the Royal Naval College ground.


Result: 1. Westminster, 2. Reed's, 3. Vanbrugh Castle.

HOUSE PLAYS by K. Huxford

On 12th June Mr. Vincent Taylor came down to judge our house-plays which were:

Harries: Shivering Shocks

Cordingley: The Bishop's Candle sticks.

Harries won the competition.

CHOIR by T. Maynard

The choir is still the same as last term.

Once again we sang without the aid of the W.R.N.S. and everybody was pleased. The headmaster liked the introit motet called "Lead me, Lord" so much that he tape-recorded it one Sunday and invited a couple of his friends to listen to it. They were very impressed.

STAFF by T. Maynard and N. Grayston

This term Mr. Roger Paul started to teach us Science instead of the Headmaster, because the Headmaster did not have enough time to prepare experiments.

Miss Lyons, taking the place of Mrs. Goldie as our new matron, has been coping very well with the casualties.

Mrs. Smith also came this term as our housekeeper replacing Mrs. Westell who left England for Australia.

The rest of the staff remains the same as last term.

WEAVING by K. Huxford

This term Mrs. Spiers has had one new pupil, B. Tyekiff (bringing the numbers up to seven now). Two weavers who have been weaving since it started are leaving at the end of this term, K. Huxford and P. Banbury.

CRICKET by M. Cull and T. Maynard

This term we have had twelve 1st XI matches, one Under 11 match and two House Matches.

Harries won the Junior House match by 8 wickets.

The results of the 1st XI matches are as follows:-

Clare House (A): Lost, Score: Clare House 79 for 3, Vanbrugh 35. Highest scorer: D. Patten 10.

Carn Brea(A): Won. Carn Brea 38, V.C.S. 39 for 3. Highest Scorer: P. Saundors, 28 Hot Out.

Westminster Under School (A): Lost. Score: Westminster Under School 41 for 4, V.C.S. 40. Highest Scorer: H. Richardson 15

Homefield (H): Won. Score: Homefield 24, V.C.S. 42. Highest Scorer: D. Patton 10.

Westminster Abbey (H): Lost. Score: Westminster 95 for 9, V.C.S. 78 Highest Scorer: Richardson 24.

Carn Brea(H): Won. Score: Carn Brea 19, V.C.S. 21 for 3.

St. Faith's, Cambridge (A): Lost. Score: St. Faith's 81, V.C.S. 51. Highest Scorer: Keeble 30.

Ravensbourne College (A): Won. Score: Ravensbourne 14, V.C.S.17 for 0 Highest Scorer: Tyekiff 8 Not Out

King's College, Cambridge (A): Won. Score; King's College 44, V.C.S. 48 for 5 Highest Scorer: Tyekiff 13.

Westminster Under School (H): Lost. Score: Westminster Under School 98 for 9 V.C.S. 78

Kings College, Cambridge (H): Won. Score: King's College 100 for 9, V.C.S. 101 for 3. Highest Scorer: Maynard 39

The Under 12 Match

Riverstone (H): Won. Score: Riverstone 17, V.C.S. 119 for 3 Highest Scorer: P. McCann 50 Not Out.

The School 1st XI Cricket Team is: M. Cull, H. Richardson, D. Patten (Capt.) T. Maynard, B. Tyekiff, J. Keeble, R. Campbell, G. Thirsh, P. McCann, P. Sanders, M. Barlow. Scorer: J. Elliott Telegraph: K. Huxford and A. Soloman.

One Wicket Competition

This term Mr. De Weymarn held a One Wicket Competition in the Games Room which was won by T. Maynard.



This term there have been two visits by the Cubs to Downe for the weekend.


Once again we would all like to thank Mrs. Smith, Cookie and Netta for the wonderful food we have had this term.


I hand over the duties of Editor to J. P. Elliott.

K. Huxford (Editor)

£1,000 GIFT

The School has recently been left the sum of £1,000 in the will of an inventor.


M. Cull, D. Patten, K, Huxford, T. Maynard, J. Clelford go to REED'S.

G. Jones, P. Banbury to KINGHAM HALL.

H. Richardson, I. Webber to WOLVERHAMPTON



We would like to thank the staff for getting us through the exams, for the good food, the matrons for keeping us in good health, Mrs. Hawkes doing the needle work, and the work-ladies cleaning up the school and doing the laundry and our two handymen.


On this occasion, for lack of time, we must summarise this news and offer our apologies to the correspondents who sent in much more detailed reports.


Most of our old boys arc here. Both Whittaker and Shorter are Heads of their Houses and School Prefects. Towner is a School Prefect, and so is Edmonds. Shorter is Captain of Cricket. Whittaker is a Queen's Scout. Lloyd is Captain of the School Swimming Eight. Crewdson is Captain of the Under 15 Cricket Team. Towner is off to university in October.


David Pafford has just finished a distinguished career as Captain of Rugger, Captain of Cricket and Captain of the School and now goes on to London University. Taylor has been awarded an Outward Bound Scholarship, McCulley continues to make a name for himself in the school sport generally and Smith and MacFadyen are local Sunday School teachers.


Kettleborough has just left and hopes to go to university in a year's time.


Cordingley beat Harries in the School Athletics Sports by 167 points to 141.

Records were broken by

Cull:- 100 yards, 220 yards, 440 yards

Richardson:- Long Jump

Cordingley Senior Relay Team

Harries Junior Relay Team


Six of our boys received generous and exciting invitations to spend two weeks at the R.A.F. station Butsweilerhof, near Cologne as guests of the officers and airmen there. They will stay with service families and visit vineyards on the Rhine, among other things. They will fly out to Cologne either in an aircraft of Transport Command or by BEA Viscounts They leave on September 1st and return to the school the day before term begins.


Eight film shows have been arranged for next term. One will be given by an officer from RAF Cranwell.