Vanbrugh Castle School

The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1968

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The Vanbrugh Chronicle

E Not a bad term, we suppose, but we don't want another one
D like it, nor do we want to hear words like strepto-coccus
I and penicillin again for a long time.
T We weren't alone; most of the local schools have had
0 something or another and a near by boarding school is
R in quarantine for several diseases.
A So, we look forward to the summer term, and cricket and
L swimming.


C. Owens

We want to thank the School Staff for making us happy here. They are:-

Mr. J. H. Corner M.A., Mr. M. V. Morton, Mr. G. Lillywhite, Miss P. Johnson B.A. and Mr. M. Welch (who was Head Boy of Kingham Hill School).

Miss Oldacres and Mrs. Berry are our matrons and they have had a busy term with our various infections. Mrs. Smith is helped by Miss Maquire and Miss Carleson in the kitchen and we are grateful for the excellent food they prepare. Next term the Headmaster of Roan Grammar School will be coming to teach us science, and David Pafford, an old Vanbrugh boy and a former Head Boy of Reeds School, is joining the staff.

At Easter, Mrs. Hawkes who mends our clothes will have worked at the school for twenty-one years.


T. Baker

We have lately had only a small band consisting of:-

D. Mackelden Clarinet
J. Rashid Clarinet
H. McConnell Clarinet
B. Jakeman Clarinet
I. Jackson Trumpet
G. Sanders Trumpet
I. Bariow Tenor Horn
T. Baker Trombone
P. Borthwick Tuba
M. Gribben Saxophone

The band is very sorry to be losing Mr. Purcell who retires at the end of this term, and we all want to thank him for his successful work here. So far we have heard of no successor.


C. Owens

This term there have been several changes in the Choir. It now consists of C. Owens (Head Chorister), J. Ingleson, A. Butler, C. Sanderson, I. Barlow, I. Jackson, M. Cribben and A. Walker. T. Baker and G. Butler have recently joined. R. Blake is our cross-bearer.


M. Barlow

It has been a most disappointing football term. There was only one match, which we won 6-3 against Westminster Abbey Choir School. All the other fixtures had to be cancelled, first because of unfit grounds and then because of our quarantine. The standard team has been -

Barlow (i)

J.Quail, A.Seaton

R. Blake, M.McConnel, J.Rashid

R.Smith, T.Calvin, M.Barlow, C.Sanderson, J.Ingleson

Last term's matches were:-

Carn Brea. won 5-0
Carn Brea. won 6 - 1
Reeds School(6-a-side) won 5-1
Kings House Richmond Drew 1-1
Kings House Richmond won 5-1
Clare House lost 2-1
Clare House won 5-1
Westminster under School lost 5-3


M. Barlow24

That is including this term too.


Played 11 - Won 7 - Lost 2 - Drew 2 Goals for 46. Goals against 20.


C. J. Sanderson

This term Miss Greenwood, who comes from Goldsmiths College, has been taking Art Classes every Tuesday evening for M. Barlow, Ingleson, A. Seaton, Leghorn, Brown, B. Seaton, Armstrong, McCann and G. Webber. Several paintings have been entered for the Daily Mirror Childrens Art Competition.


R. Smith

The Guests which have visited us this term are

Mr. Carstang (H.M. of the Roan School);
Flt. Lieut. Carter from R.A.F. Biggin Rill;
Lady Cordingley;
The Reverend Julian Neuman (R.N.);
The Reverend Alwyn Wragg (R.N.)
Mr. P. M. Cutting D.F.C.;
Squadron Leader and Mrs.Brook;
Mr. Holliday (H.M. of Royal Caledonian School);
Mrs. Spiers;
The Reverend R. W. Richardson of Jerusalem and East Mission who showed us some slides, and gave us little boxes in which we save money to send away to help refugee families.


M. J. McConnell

This term we have had 6 films of which three have been serious, one was a tragi-comedy one just an ordinary comedy and a pop musical.

These are the films we have had.

"Darby O'Cill and the Little People" starring Sean Connery.
"The Early Bird" starring Norman Wisdom
"Finders Keepers" starring Cliff Richards and the Shadows.
"Assault on a Queen" with Frank Sinatra.
"Henry V" starring Laurence Olivier and lastly,
"Around the World and Under the Sea" starring David McCallum.

We would like to thank the Headmaster for arranging these films, and Martin Smith for showing then.


T. Galvin

This term there have been no changes in the weaving class. The boys who still attend are:- J. Ingleson, I. Borthwick, M. J. McConnell, P. Greig, M. Galvin and T. Galvin. The class has had to move from its old room because we didn't have enough space, we are now in a room at the top of the Castle.


C.E. TRIALS - J. R. Stephenson

This term we have had Common Entrance Trials on the 7th and 8th March. We would like to thank Mrs. McCann for being the invigilator. These exams are a practise for the Common Entrance candidates to show them what the real exam will be like.


In the Easter Holidays five common entrance candidates are having holiday work to help them in their schooling, and also to pass Common Entrance.


Several hundred pounds worth of furniture, crockery and cutler has been presented to the school by the Lady Florence Institute which is closing down. We are grateful to the Rector of Deptford, Father Brown, for arranging this.

We are also hoping that a well-known firm of laboratory suppliers will be making us a gift of laboratory apparatus.

Group Captain Swaine who works at the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund office in Portland Place has presented us with a splendid bird-table, which he made himself.


Six R.C. boys were confirmed on Sunday, March 24th at St. Joseph's Church. Greenwich. They were Brown, Sanders, M. Galvin, R. Elliott, Mulligan and McConnell (ii).

All the Catholics would like to take this opportunity of thanking Miss Tapperden, Father Murtagh and Mr. Kinsell for teaching them and conducting them to Mass with such regularity.


Owens Fruit
Blake Blackie
Rashid Kushman or Radish
Barlow Fred
Galvin Tom
Jakeman Jakers
Smith Smuts
McConnell Mitch
Baker Boulanger
Stephenson Steve
Sanderson Sandy
Ingleson Ingles


Or Saturday, June I5th, the Queen is paying an official visit to R.A.F. Abingdon, and it is possible that a small party of boys and staff will be invited to attend.


It is also possible that a dozen boys will be invited to take part in this years Battle of Britain service on September 15th in Westminster Abbey.


Three of our boys were invited to take part in an experiment to devise an Oral French exam for the Common Entrance. It took place at Bedford School. One of our boys came 10th out of an entry of 56 from other prep schools, and all our boys were in the top half of the list.


These questions were put to Mrs. Berry our new Matron.

What is your favourite shop? Jaegers (Regent Street)
What is your favourite painting? Rembrandt's portrait of his son "Titus".
What is your favourite play or film? "Rebecca" (D. du Maurier)
What is your favourite colour? Yellow
What is your favourite song? "Where have all the flowers gone"
What is your favourite dish? Salmon, trout grilled
What is your favourite paper? The Times weekly Review
Who is your favourite actor or actress? Alec Guiness
Who are your favourite singers? The Kingston Trio
Who is your favourite author? Jane Austen and Michael Innes.
Who is your favourite comedian? John Bird
Who would you most like to be? Myself - with suitable improvements.
If asked, where would you like to go for a holiday? Turkey
What would you do with £1,000 Spend it on travel
What aggravates you most? Tactlessness
When are you at your happiest? Driving
If granted one wish, what would it be? To speak several languages fluently
Who is your hero or heroine? Winston Churchill. I don't like too "Heroic" heroes
What is your most enjoyable pastime? Painting
What type of music do you like best? Opera


A boy from one of the junior forms walked into assembly apparently not noticing that he was wearing two ties!

A senior boy wrote in his prep that a hurricane was a violet whirlwind.

A master, during a Maths lesson, once told the boys "This is a difficult problem, so watch the board while I go through it".


Our eight oldest boys have been invited to stay a fortnight at R.A.F. Bruggen in Germany at the beginning of August and to travel there and back by R.A.F. aircraft. The expenses of the holiday will be paid by the staff of this R.A.F. Station. We hope our boys will leave as good an impression behind as similar parties who have gone from Vanbrugh before. They are very lucky people.

VISITS - R. Blake

Early this term it seemed that we were about to suffer a flu epidemic and so a sea-side trip to St. Margaret's Bay was arranged to try to clear our lungs. We walked from there to Deal and had a very enjoyable day, but the bug proved to be something more serious than mere flu.

Later in the term a visit was arranged to the National Maritime Museum for the V and IV forms and we were given an interesting lecture on Navigation by the Education Officer.

At the beginning of the term we were all invited to a party given by the South London Branch of the R.A.F.A. On another evening Mr. Morton kindly took a number of boys to a concert in the Royal Festival Hall, which was greatly enjoyed.

One Saturday afternoon a party from the London Appreciation Society visited the school and were given a talk by the Headmaster and then taken round the school buildings by John Ingleson, Tommy Galvin and Martin Barlow.

Another Society, the Eltham Association visited the school on an earlier Saturday and did much the same.


Summer Term begins. 2nd May
Common Entrance Examination. 17th and 18th June
Visiting Day. 29th June
Summer Term ends.
27th July
Autumn Term begins. 17th September
Visiting Day. 26th October
Autumn Term ends.
R.N.C.Carol Service.
17th December

OLD BOYS' NEWS - Martin Smith

Following the successful First Meeting of the Old Boys' Association on December 19th, a newsletter was compiled from information appearing on this page of the last edition, and approximately 8O copies were circulated.

Information received at the time of going to press is as follows:-

From St. Augustine's Abbey School our correspondent writes:—

"Anthony Green (1967) is a member of the school table-tennis club, and plays for his junior House Soccer Team.

Terry McConnell (1966) of Alcock house is in the 6th form, and plays for his junior house soccer team, he has become the first ex-Vanbrugh boy to be appointed a Junior School Prefect. He is a member of the Hobbies and Table games club.

Peter Sanders (1966) of Alcock House is also in the 4th form. He plays for his junior House team, and has played for the School under 14 rugby XV. Peter is a member of the Air Training Corps and has played in the Squadron's 1st XI soccer team. He is also a member of the Dramatic Society, Coffee Club (!) Photographic Club and Table Games Club.

Kevin Mulligan (1966) is in Alcock House and the 5th form, he plays Soccer for his Senior House team, and has also played rugby for the Under 15, under 16 and 2nd XV school sides, he is also a member of the ATC and has played in their 1st. XI side. Kevin belongs to the Dramatic Section and the Hobbies, Table Games, Photographic and Judo Clubs, as well as the Venture Scouts and the Art and Craft Department. He is taking 4 subjects (Art, R.I., History and Geography) at GCE "0" level this summer."

We are indebted to Kevin Mulligan for the information. Unfortunately the news fron Wolverhampton has gone astray in the post, but recently Leslie Macdonald (1961) wrote:-

"I left the Royal Wolverhampton School in 1964 and have since been working as a laboratory technician, but I am applying for service with the R.A.F."

If the news from RWS arrives before the OVBA newsletter goes to press it will appear there. Graham Fowler has sent a conveniently tabulated condensed report from Kingham Hill, which I reproduce below to avoid needless repetition - finding a different way of phrasing each piece of news is by no means easy!


David Rodgers (1963) is a lance-corporal in the CCF and range-corporal, in the school shooting A team, House shooting captain, and a member of the Model and Astronomy clubs and Octagon Debating Society.

Andrew Solomon (1966): Senior House football team, under 15 team and octagon.

Richard Haigh (1966) History Club, senior house football team, school shooting (B tearn, Octagon).

Graham Fowler (1966) Model Club, Octagon.

James Keeble (1966) History Club, CCF (RAF Section), under 15 and House Football teams.

George Pountney (1966) Form Lower 3rd, CCF, Stage club and Senior house football team.

Charles Kendall (1967) Form Upper 3rd, CCF, Model club, Junior school cross-country team, house gym team.


David Evison (1963) 2nd. year 6th form, School prefect, octagon, 1st football team, CCF lance-corporal, music club.

John Dixon (1964) CCF, Young Farmers Club, Octagon.


Brian Tyekiff (1966) CCF (RAF Section), camera club, senior house football team, Octagon.

Peter Banbury (1967) CCF, Music club, Orchestra, Senior House football team.

Robert Campbell (1967) CCF, Music club, Orchestra, Senior House football team.


Geoffrey Meace (1966) CCF (RAF Section), Young Farmers Club, Octagon.

Paul McCann (1966) CCF (RAF Section) 1st XI football team, History Club, Octagon.

Brian Pafford (1964) Form 5a, CCF, 1st XI & Senior House football teams.

John Hunt (1963) who left Kingham last year is enjoying his motor engineering apprenticeship and attends Bedford Technical College.

Jeffrey Maynard (1967) plays for the Colts team of Plymouth Argyle.

Three OVBs acted in Macbeth, the Reed's School play, presented in the middle of March. They were:- Chris Pafford (1962) in the part of the First Witch Ian Macfadyen (1964) as Ross and Terry Maynard in the two roles of Sivard and the Second Murderer. All put up a very creditable performance.

Other news from Reed's is as follows:-

Two OVB's were confirmed in the School Chapel by the Bishop of Guildford in February. They were Keith Huxford (1965) and Neil Rankin (1967). Neil plays forward for the Under 14 hockey team, and is a member of the Squash Society and Music Club, he is at present preparing a football pitch in the school grounds.

Terry Maynard (1965) plays for the 1st XI as Goalkeeper. Jonathan Clelford (1965) plays Goalkeeper for his Senior House Team, and the school 6-a-side 2nd team.

Alun Macfadyen (1967) is the Under 14 hockey team reserve. He is a member of the Music Club and Red Biro Club. (This colourful title appears to be a rather cryptic nickname for the school French Society - MS).

Ian Macfadyen (1964) has been promoted to Corporal in the CCF. He plays for the 3rd. 6-a-side team and is to produce "Saint's Day" to be performed by the Lower 6th Dramatic Society in July. At home in Luton, Ian has started a Shelter group, and is on the executive committees of the Liberal and Young Liberals Associations.

David Pafford (1960), a former Reed's School Captain, has been appointed Assistant Master at Vanbrugh from next September - yet another tie to strengthen the link between the school and the Old Boys.

Our final news item comes from Donald Taylor (1962), another former Reed's School captain, who wrote recently from his home at Wimbledon:-

"Dear Martin,

Thank you for the interesting OVBA newsletter At the end of the month I shall have finished my initial training at Hendon Police College and shall be going on division somewhere within the Metro­politan Police District, which nowadays includes parts of KENT, SURREY, ESSEX and MIDDLESEX. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy the work and never realised before just how much law and general knowledge a policeman has to know".

We are now in touch with 56 Old Boys, who apart from those named above are Andrew Armstrong, Geoffrey and Stephen Clarke, Alan Comeau, Hugh Croxford, Kerry Davies, Robert Edmonds, John & Peter Elliott, John Forsdyke, Alan Frost, Nigel Grayston, Ronald Hawes, Nigel John, Kenneth & Stephen Jones, Peter & Raymond Lloyd, David Patten, Raymond Pendleton, John Pinn, Roy Richardson, Arthur Rodgers and Iain Webber.

While preparing this report I came across at least four names which were not even mentioned on my Old Boys list, and if you can find any more gaps in the names mentioned here and think that the boys concerned would be interested in the OVBA, please ask them to get in touch with me. There are a further 32 names on the files of those with whom we have lost contact, and a list will appear in the OVBA newsletter No. 2 to be published in May.

Hoping to hear soon from you about yourself or any OVB.



For the past term I have been "standing in" as Chaplain - this involves putting my large unwieldly riverside parish to one side for a couple of hours each Friday morning and ascending Maze Eill to attempt to teach some of the angels at Vanbrugh Castle School something about the Christian religion.

For me it is a very welcome change from dealing with drug addicts and a vast amount of administration. Some people, of course, (possibly this includes the boys!) think I am quite mad, but I love coming to the school. I find the boys well behaved (possibly if I had to spend longer with them my impression might differ!) and they seem, as most small boys are, to be very interested in the things of God. (Father Flanagan who started the Boys Town in America explained this by saying that children are never really bad because they have so recently left God). Incidentally, I hope the boys will keep up their prayers during the holidays. It is sad that the present comparatively nice little boys of 1968 can so easily become the thugs and drug addicts of 1978. I find it refreshing to deal with them whilst they are still fairly fresh in the world.

D. F. Brown.