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The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1966

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The Vanbrugh Chronicle


This Chronicle has now survived for three years and will continue to live as long as the boys want it to. For the benefit of parents and friends I want to make it clear that is is almost wholly the work of the boys; if a grown-up writes anything, the fact is made quite clear. All the boys don't and cannot do is to print it. There are many preparatory schools that produce bigger and more impressive magazines at high prices, but one cannot help wondering how much the boys have had to do with the production!! If we had the money, we too could put out a splendid publication every term, but it wouldn't be the Chronicle any more and it wouldn't be a sincere account of the term as seen by the boys, which this is.

There was a time when I felt bound to apologise to parents and relations for the sketchy nature of the thing, but I have always been rebuked and assured that it is read many times from cover to cover and then handed round among the neighbours who wait impatiently for their turn! So the boys are encouraged to carry on.

Last term all the copy was ready, but the editors 'forgot to hand it in'! So this term's edition deals with the past two terms.

20th March, 1966,
J. H. Corner


The Editor is sorry that last term's Chronicle was not published, but the two editions are now being combined, and he hopes all the readers will be pleased with the present bumper magazine.

VISITS TO PLACES by G. Fowler and A. Solomon

Last term we were very kindly invited to R.A.F. Odiham. Among things we saw and did were firing rifles on the rifle range, and to the delight of younger members, a breath-taking ride on a fire tender. Mr. Trasler kindly took some boys to the Tower of London. The ten boys who are leaving at the end of this year went to Reed's School to watch a Rugby match. Also later in the term the School Quiz Team went to Reed's for a quiz and it ended in a victory for Vanbrugh. On the 15th November ten boys who are leaving went to Kingham Hill School.

This term we have been to many interesting and some historical places.

On the 3rd February most of the School went to Margate for the day to try and get rid of the 'flu which was affecting the School at that time. On the way home we were able to spend some time at Canterbury and to visit the Cathedral.

On the 6th March Mr. Trasler kindly took some boys to the ancient Royal Palace of ELtham, which in the latter half of the 16th century declined in importance as Whitehall and Greenwich Palaces grew.

From the 18th to the 20th March a party of six boys, K. Mulligan, P. Sanders, G. Fowler, G. Meace, P. McCann and B. Tyekiff paid a visit to Bowles Gymnasium under the careful guidance of the Headmaster.

On Sunday evening, March 27th, Mr. Morton took all the Vth and IVth forms to a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.



This term the choir has been at its best. Last year the older boys left, but we have some promising new boys to take their places. Mr, Brunker is very pleased with the choir.

At this year's Carol Service the choir had the privilege of singing by themselves "Away in a Manger". Mr. Trasler has been very kindly helping us with our singing, as Mr. Brunker can only come to the School on Fridays.

At the moment there are ten boys in the choir, G. Meace (Head Chorister), C. Owens, C. Thirsk, J. Maynard, R. Haigh, J. Ingleson, J. Loverseed, B. Tyekiff, R. Campbell, and A. Butler. P. McCann and A. Rodgers carry the Cross up the aisle leading the procession. The choir have also had the privilege of attending a funeral and a wedding. There have been many words of praise for the boys by the congregation.

A letter to the Chronicle from Lady Cordingley

Dear Boys,

I have been privileged to be a member of the School Committee for very nearly twenty years and I am proud to have been closely associated with the School for so long; during this time I have been concerned with the many changes that have taken place and been successfully carried out. The splendid achievement against the Westminster boys is on a par with many other aspects of the School which have taken place during the period I mentioned and I congratulate the boys, the teaching staff, the matrons and all the members of the staff and by no means least the Headmaster.

I send every boy my very best wishes and I hope they will profit from this splendid opportunity which their school days give them.

Yours sincerely,

Joan Cordingley

A letter from the School Chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh W. L. Saunders, GCB, KBE, MC, DFC, MM, to the Chronicle.

Dear Boys,

The Headmaster has told me of your smashing victory over Westminster Under School and Westminster Abbey Choir School at football and later at athletics. Hearty congratulations to all who took part. It was a grand show. Congratulations also on your other sporting records. For a small school you have done very well. I am also glad to knew that you have done equally well in class. Keep it up!

It was good to hear from Mr. Corner how well Vanbrugh boys are doing when they go on to higher schools. At first it was not easy to get then into these schools, but now their Headmasters are delighted to have them.

Two of our boys have become Head Boys of their School, and others have distinguished themselves in other ways. The R.A.F. Benevolent Fund and the School Committee are proud of their Vanbrugh boys.

I hope you will all have a very happy holiday.

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Saunders


At the end of this term six boys spent another week-end at the Bowles Mountaineerlng Gymnasium in Sussex. They achieved very high standard of climbing, Peter Sanders almost completing a Grade V climb and Brian Tyekiff mastering the MatterhornTree and entering his name in the Records Book. Vanbrugh Ridge, a climb named after the school last year, is now regarded as "kids' stuff" by the school teams!

A few days after this weekend expedition we received letter from the Gymnasium telling us that the instructors had again voted Vanbrugh Castle the best disciplined school of the year and asking us to retain the trophy that we hold already.

We are very pleased about this because among other schools that attend the climbing course are Mill Hill, King's Rochester, Eton College, King's Canterbury, Tonbridge and Benenden. The climbing party that made up the instructors' minds for them was: Mulligan, Fowler, Meace, Tyekiff, Sanders and McCann.


It must have been last November that the Headmaster came back from Kent one Sunday evening with a couple of fluffy ducklings and a fluffy drake. They were Khaki Cambells and more famous for their eggs than for their tasty flesh.

This term we have been collecting one egg almost daily from their house on the island in the pond, but we don't know whether the dusks lay eggs on every other day, or whether only one is doing it.

Another family of wild ducks join them from time to time, to them eat their food, and there have been a few interesting fights.


Mr Trasler is taking some of our boys on a sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads at the beginning of the holidays together with some scouts from Christ Church Oxford, and Dulwich College.

Last holiday he took two Vanbrugh boys, Nigel Grayston and Peter Sanders on a "barn-storming expedition" among the prehistoric sites in Wiltshire.


Last term we had three new masters and one mistress, Mr Morton, Miss Orr, Mr Trasler and Mr. Kettleborough. The latter is an old Vanbrugh boy who goes to training college next October. We wish to thank them all for their help and kindness to us all. We thank also our two Matrons, Miss Smith and Miss Lyons, who have had a hard time this term curing our diseases (at one time 28 boys were down with flu) and Mrs Smith, our housekeeper, who has spent all this term and half of last doing the cooking as well as her own job. We have always forgotten to mention the ladies who come in daily to keep the school clean, but we thank them too.

It was a surprise to us all that Cookie left us in the middle of last term because of a very serious illness, and she has since retired. We all wish her all good luck.

Two or three weeks ago a Spanish couple came to cook and help with the school repair. They are living in the Knollys Wing, and a few of the younger boys are learning already to speak a few words of Spanish! We now have at last a gardener, Mr Plumb, who comes three times a week and looks after our ground.

Finally, Mr Cheesman and Mr Tappenden are kept busy mending the things we break; and Mr Cheesman has been one of our most valuable supporters at the football matches. But we forgot to mention Netta, and her kindness to us all. We would be very unhappy without her and her assistants in the kitchen.


This term there is a complete new set of weavers learning with Mrs Spiers: A. Armstrong, B. Jakeman, D. Elias, A. Comeau, R. Blake and R. Smith. They are doing very well, and we would like to thank Mrs Spiers for giving up her time to come here.


THE BAND by J. Maynard

Last term we had nine new boys who have come into the band. They were: G. Sanders (trumpet), P. Borthwick (trumpet). P. Butler and G. Meace are also on the trumpet. B. Jakeman, G. Gribben and D. MacKelden are on the clarinet. J. Rashid on the trombone. A. Elias on the flute. Two new instruments were put into the band, a French Horn was given to J. Maynard, and an F Tuba which Mr. Kettleborough plays.

This term the band has been going very strongly. We have one beginner this term, T. McConnell, who plays the drums and sounds a very promising young player. Mr. Purcell has been very generous by giving us tickets for two of his concerts, and practically every boy had a chance to go to one or the other.

We have also been preparing for Speech Day and the London Youth Band Concert of next Christmas, and are grateful to Mr. Purcell for his hard work here.

FOOTBALL by P. McCann and K. Mulligan

Last term we had nine 1st XI Matches, two Under 11 Matches. Also last term we were glad to have Mr. Trasler and Mr. Kettleborough to coach us.

The Matches were as follows:

Clare House (A) Won 3-2 Scorers: M. Barlow, T. McConnell, J. Keeble
Carn Brea (H) Won 2-1 Scorers: P. McCann, J. Keeble
Westminster Under School(H) Lost 6-1 Scorer: P. McCann
Ravensboarne College (H) Won 5-1 Scorers: N. Rankin, 2; P. McCann 3
Westminster Abbey Choir School (H) Lost 5-2 Scorers: C.Thirsk, M. Barlow
Westminster Under School (A) Lost 11-1 Scorer: P. McCann
Westminster Abbey Choir School (A) Won 6-4 Scorers: P. McCann 5, P. Campbell 1
Ravensbourne College (A) Lost 4-2 Scorers: P. McCann, C. Thirsk
Clare House (H) Won 6-4 Scorers: P. McCann 4, J. Keeble 2.
Carn Brea (A) Lost 5-2 Scorers: J. Keeble, P. McCann

The Under Eleven Matches were as follows;-

Homefield (A) Lost 6-0
Riverstone (A) Drew 1-1 Scorer: M. Barlow

Last term's 1st XI Football Team was:-

P. Sanders, K. Mulligan, A. Glavin, J. Ingleson, A. Solomon, R. Campbell, J. Keeble, N. Rankin, M. Barlow, C. Thirsk, P. McCann (Captain)

The leading Goal Scorers for last term were:

P. McCann Scored 17
J. Keeble Scored 5
N. Rankin Scored 2
M. Barlow Scored 2
C. Thirsk Scored 2
R. Campbell Scored 1
T. McConnell Scored 1

Once again we have had matches this term against other Schools, and we would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this team.

This term's team was:-

B. Tyekiff, J. Ingleson, K. Mulligan, N. Grayston, P.Sanders, N. Rodgers, C. Thirsk, J. Keeble, N. Rankin, M. Barlow, P. McCann (Captain)

We still play the 4-3-3 system which helps us a lot. The 1st XI Matches this term were:-

King's College School Cambridge Drew 5-5
Ravensbourne College Lost 1-0
Westminster Under School Won 7-1
Westminster Abbey Choir School Won 11-1
Ravensbourne College Won 5-1

The Scorers were:

J. Keeble Scored 10
P. McCann Scored 7
N. Rankin Scored 2
M. Barlow Scored 2
C. Thirsk Scored 1

The 2nd XI Matches this term were:

Eltham College Lost 7-0
Eltham College Lost 3-2
Riverstone Won 5-1

The Scorers were:

R. Smith Scored 2
M. Barlow Scored 4
M.McConnell Scored 1

THE FOOTBALL SEASON 1966 - by Mr. G. Trasler

The beginning-of-term changes brought a new stability to the Team. With Tyekiff in goal, Sanders and Rodgers in the Half-back line, we at last achieved the correct balance between attack and defence.

Although the ability was always there, it needed success to bring it out; the matches against Westminster Abbey and the Under School are examples of this. The example of the Captain was dominant; in matches where he became despondent, the drop in the success of the team was very apparent. The three matches won were Justly won, but the match lost against Ravensbourne was an appalling reflection of defection.

In conclusion, this term's results reflect the team's ability more accurately than last term's.

Played: 5, Lost: 1, Drawn: 1, Won: 3

Under XI: After a poor start against Eltham College (A) the team settled down to hard work under the influence of its three Senior Players. The next two matches were creditable and the improvement in technique was promising, if not fully exploited. At this age, enthusiasm counts for more than ability.


We have has an athletics match against Westminster Under School and Westminster Abbey Choir School. The score was:-

Vanbrugh Castle School 52 points
Westminster Under School 50 points
Westminster Abbey Choir School 46 points

The team would like to thank Mr. Moston for organising and coaching the team so successfully.

K. Mulligan & P. McCann

GUESTS by P. Sanders and C. Thirsk

Last term we had a number of very nice guests.

Flight Lieut. Goodall came to supper and showed us some interesting films.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke came twice, once to lunch and another time to show us some slides on Africa.

Flight Lieut. Cooper came to show us some slides on Australia.

There were also a few guests who came to lunch. Mr. Vincent Taylor, Mr. Cutting, and the Warden of Kingham Hill. Mr. Brunker also comes regularly to lunch and afterwards he trains the choir.

Again this term we have had many visits from various people. Mrs. Croome has kindly visited us twice this term. Ian Webber, an old boy came to visit us.

Not long ago in the term we had another visit from Wing Commander Hooper from R. A. F. Odiham. He showed us a film of the Round-the-Clock bombing of Germany.

We had a visit from our Chairman, Sir Hugh Saunders, who gave us some of his valuable time to see the boys. We have had more visits also from Wing Commander Simpson, Lady Cordingley, Mr. Cutting, Dr. de Lucas, Mr. de Weymarn and last but by no means least a visit from our favourite dog Tarquin and his owner.


Last summer six boys went to stay with Officers and airmen at R. A. F. Butzweilerhof near Cologne, Their names were John Elliott, Terry McCannell, Brian Tyekiff, Peter Sanders, Geoffrey Meace and Kevin Mulligan. The boys visited many sights.

The place they liked the most was the Town Hall, or Rathaus, where they met the Lord Mayor. Another place the boys liked very much was the Wuppertal Zoo.

The first week out in Germany the weather was bad, but it improved later on. The party visited many famous country towns, one being Cochem on the Mosel where they stayed at a Catholic Youth Hostel. Altenburg, a festival centre, was another place where the boys went. At the end of this holiday the boys said thank you to Squadron Leader Thomas and Junior Tec. Meetch.


A happy Easter to all the boys and their parents, brothers and sisters. And thank you, from the Naval College, for all the help the Choristers give us. If the mothers of Anglican boys in the Vth and IVth forms hear alarming tales about their sons being given their first Communion "before Confirmation", don't believe them. I only gave them a practice run as part of their Confirmation Preparation! I reckon to try to prepare them all for Confirmation so that they're ready by the time they get to their next school.

Donald Young (Chaplain, Royal Navy)


We have seventeen matches arranged for next term. Two of these are at Cambridge and two at Westminster. The committee of the Rectory Field at Blackheath are allowing us to use their county ground for three or four of our home games.


In the interhouse match played on Friday, March 25th, Cordingley beat Harries by 3 goals to 2.


A long article about the school came out in a local paper. It was called "Kids in Clover".


The following old boys have visited the school lately: Ian Webber, Stephen Clarke, Martin Cull, David Rodgers and Ian MacFadyen.


The Headmaster has asked us to say that he hopes a junior branch of the Old Boys' Association will soon be formed to meet at the school from time to time. Will any old boys who are interested in this idea and willing to help get in touch with him.


All the boys in the football team wish to thank Mr. Trasler and Mr. Kettleborough for their willing help in making us a team that can win matches.

P. McCann

FILMS by A. Solomon and P. Sanders

The School's films last term were a very good collection. They were as follows: -

Sept. 29 101 Dalmations
Oct. 9 Guns of Wyoming
Oct. 24 The Sundowners
Nov. 20 Tunnel 28
Nov. 7 The Colditz Story

We also had some unexpected people to show us some slides; Flight Lieutenant Goodall from R. A. F. Cranwell, Flight Lieutenant Cooper from R.A.F. Odiham, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarke who showed us some slides of their recent trip to Africa.

This term we have had another excellent selection of films. They were:

Jan. 29 A Hard Day's Night
Feb. 12 On the Beat
Feb. 26 The One that Got Away
Mar. 12 Crooks in Cloisters
Mar. 26 Robin Hood
Mar. 31 Snow White

OLD BOYS REPORT FROM REED'S SCHOOL by Martin Smith and Ian MacFadyen

Owing to the increased number of ex-Vanbrugh boys here at Reed's collection of individual reports has not been as easy as usual, and Ian MacFadyen has joined me as the Joint Reed's Correspondent.

CHRISTOPHER PAFFORD of Capel is in 6th Languages, and is a Lance Corporal in the C. C. F. He passed seven "O" Levels during last summer, and took part in his House Play. He was 3rd in the school cross-country.

ANDREW MCCULLEY of Capel is in 6th Languages, and is a House Prefect. He plays for the First XV, has First Team and House Colours for Rugby, and is taking his "A" levels in the summer. This term he plays for the First XI Hockey Team.

DONALD TAYLOR of Mullens is in 6th Science, is a House Prefect and a oe Sergeant in the C. C. F. He plays in the 1st XV and the School Squash Team, and has about as many team colours as he can get. He has passed eight "O" levels, and acted in his House Play, and was recently awarded the Outward Bound Badge. This term he plays for the First XI Hockey Team.

BARRY LONGHURST of Mullens is in 6th Science, and passed eight "O" levels last summer. He appeared in his House Play.

MARTIN SMITH of Bristowe is in 6th Languages, and has passed eight "O" levels. He is a Sunday School Teacher, Head of the School Tandem Set, and is Chairman of the Model Railway Club, Secretary of the Locomotive Society and Treasurer of the Aeronautical Society. He provided Sound Effects in his House Play.

IAN MACFADYEN of Bristowe is in Upper 4a, and will be taking his "O" levels in the summer. He is Founder-Chairman of the Aeronautical Society. Continuing his acting tradition, he appeared as leading 'actress' in the House Play, and has a part in "Dr. Faustus" this term.

TERENCE MAYNARD of Capel is in Lower 4, and plays for the School Under 15 Team and his Junior House Team. He is a member of the Junior Chapel Service Group.

KEITH HUXFORD of Capel is in Lower 4, no further details available.

DAVID PATTEN of Mullens is in Lower 4, and plays for the Under 14 Team. He is top of the Junior Squash Ladder, and plays Rugby for his Junior House Team.

MARTIN CULL of Blathwayt is in Lower 4, plays in the Under 14 and Junior House Teams, and is a member of the Swimming Team.

JONATHAN CLELFORD is in Lower 4, no further details available.

Best wishes to all at Vanbrugh from your two Reed's Correspondents:

Ian MacFadyen and Martin Smith


SHORTER is in the Science Sixth and is Head Boy. He is a Sergeant Major in the C.C.F. He is a member of the 1st Basket Ball Squad, and a member of the school Swimming Eight. Last season he was Captain of the First XV. He is the Captain of the 1st XI Cricket Team. He is a member of the Engineers Club, and also a member of the School Orchestra. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the Octagon Debating Society, and Treasurer of the Jazz Club. He has a part in the School Play "The Alchemist". He has been awarded a Short Service Commission in the R.A.F.

WHITTAKER is in the Arts Sixth and is Vice-Head Boy. He is a Queen's Scout. He is the Honorary Vice-President of Octagon Debating Society, Life Saving Organiser for the school, and Librarian. He is a member of the First XV, the History Club, and the Chapel Committee, and has a part in the School Play. He will enter the University of Lancaster in October.

EDMONDS is in the Arts Sixth and is a member of the First XV. He has passed Grade V music examination and is a member of the School Orchestra. He is also the President of the Jazz Club. On leaving school he will take a two-year apprenticeship at the London College of Furniture to be an Electrical Musical Instrument Technician.

FORSDYKE is in the Arts Sixth. He is a Sergeant in the C.C.F. , and Captain of the School Shooting Team. He is a member of the School Orchestra and the Camera Club. He has passed the Grade V music examination on the clarinet.

EVISON is a member of the C.C.F. , the School Orchestra and the Young Farmers' Club.

CREWDSON is a member of the C.C.F., and the Engineers Club. He plays for the First and Second XVs and is Captain of the Under 16XV. He is in the 1st Basket Ball Squad, and the 1st XI Cricket Team, and is in the School Swimming Eight.

HUNT is a member of C.C.F. the Octagon Society and the Stage Club.

RODGERS is a member of the Octagon Debating Society and the Junior Debating Society. He is also a member of the Natural History Club and the C.C.F.

OGDEN is a member of the C.C.F. and the Art Club. He plays for the Under XV rugger team.

BARLEY is a member of C.C.F. , the Octagon Debating Society, Junior Debating Society, and the Natural History Club. He holds the Bronze Medallion for life saving.

PAFFORD is a member of C.C.F. and the Gym Club. He holds the Bronze Medallion for life saving. He plays in the Under XV rugger team and is in the School Under 16 cross country team.

BANBURY is a member of the School Orchestra and the C.C.F. , the Model Club and the Junior Debating Society.

JONES is a member of the C.C.F. and the Natural History Club. He plays in the Under 14 rugger team.

DIXON is a member of the C.C.F. , the Young Farmers Club and the Junior Debating Society.