Vanbrugh Castle School

The Vanbrugh Chronicle - Easter 1965

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The Vanbrugh Chronicle


This is a magazine of the School by the School for the School and must not be judged in comparison with those glossy affairs that some schools turn out - usually with a charge of ten shillings or so on the school bill.

It is meant to be a record of the School's past term and those of us who keep our copies may find pleasure and amusement in them years later when we recall the Happiest Days of our Lives.

I wish to thank all those who have helped to bring out this fifth edition, and to express a hope that it will not be allowed to die when the present Fifth Form has left to write for bigger and better magazines elsewhere.

K. Huxford.

STAFF by T. Maynard and N. Grayston

Miss Smith and Mr. de Weymarn replace Miss Vince and Mr. Payne as matron and master. Otherwise the staff is still the same.

For a couple of days Mrs. Westell, the housekeeper, was ill and so Cookie very kindly agreed to work extra time.

We would all like to thank the staff and the visiting staff for their tuition this term. Especially for helping us to get through the Common Entrance Exams.

On the 16th March an historian, a woman, came to talk to the school about Vanbrugh and our District.

Police Sargeant Stibbards (Number E. 64) came to give us a talk, in his own free time, about the Police Force and his experiences. It lasted from 6.45 until 8.20 p.m. Thursday March the llth.

On Wednesday, March tho 17th, Sub-Officer North, of the London Fire Brigade came to give us a talk about prevention of Fires and how to fight them. He also brought along a short film concerning fire.

Mrs. Spiers has now 6 pupils for weaving:-

The last three are all new this term.

BAND by P. Banbury

This term the band are hard at work, preparing for Speech Day, 24th July.

Also the Youth Band are preparing for next Christmas. They are: K. Mulligan (Clarinet); J. Maynard (Trumpet); C. Thirsk (Horn); H. Campbell (Saxophone).


We hear that Kingham Hill School offer two valuable music scholar­ships every year at an examination in May, and we hope to have one or two candidates for the 1966 examinations.

CHOIR by T. Maynard

J. Ingleson, B. Tyekiff and J. Nicholas have been admitted as new members to the choir.

The choir once again sang without the W.R.N.S. helps at the Royal Naval College.


This term we have had two quizzes against Prendergast Girls Grammar School. The first one on Friday 29th January, a home-match, we won 102-57; and the second one away, on Friday 19th February, in which we lost 100-114.

Once again we would all like to thank Netta, Cookie and Mrs. Westell for the very good food we get here.


A different set of batteries has been fitted in the Castle fire alarm system.

A new gate will soon be fitted in the wall next to the Wakefield Wing, which leads to the next door house which the school will soon be taking over.

The School main gate has been varnished and repaired this term.


During this term we have heard of the death of two good friends, Lady Whitley, the wife of the Controller, and Sir Philip Babington. Letters of sympathy have been sent from the School to the Controller and Lady Babington, who have replied thanking the School for their messages.
Lady Whitley presented the prizes here on Speech Day some years ago, and Sir Philip Babington has been a most loyal visitor for many years. We shall miss them both very much.

FILMS by P. Banbury

This term we have had a collection of very good films :- "The Wrong Arm of the Law", "Hard Day's Night", "Savage Sam", "Gathering of Eagles", "Grayfriar's Bobby", "Mouse on the Moon".


On Thursday, 14th January, the Vth Form went to see "Let's make an Opera" at the Vaudeville Theatre.

On Saturday, 16th January, the whole school went to a party given by the R.A.F.A. at Tulse Hill.

On some days of the week about 8 boys go to R.A.F. Kidbrooke for cricket training.

On Visiting Day, the boys who didn't go out with relations went to Greenwich Police Station Open Day and in the afternoon went to see "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World".

On the 20th March some boys went to Reed's School to see Henry Vth.

And lastly, on the 28th March, 10 boys went to the Royal Institute to hear a lecture on "Magnetism" by a world famous phyicist Sir Lawrence Bragg.


5 fountain pens, 45 pencils and crayons, 1 slightly torn book of stamps (empty), back page of Sunday Express, 50 bottletops, 1 engine, 5 discarded letters, an infinite amount of paper, 1 notebook back, more paper, 1 letter with chewing-gum enclosed in between, 1 "Valentine Card", 1 picture of Arsenal 2 feet by 1 foot 2 inches, 1 pirate paper hat, knife and a number of blades, 1 blotting paper holder, 1 screwed up envelope and many, many, many other things.


Much morbid interest has been shown in the bullet-hole to be seen in the Headmaster's study window, and we feel that the Chronicle should dispel its readers' fears (or hopes) by reporting that this shot was fired before Mr. Corner came here.

Soon after his arrival he measured the hole carefully and found it was exactly . 22 inches in diameter - the bore of a small rifle, as every school­boy knows.
Later an ingenious and curious boy dug out the actual bullet from the frieze of the room, and by placing a small mirror at this point was able to deduce that the rifle was fired from the eastern pillar of the right-hand entrance to the Wakefield Wing.
We asked the Headmaster his views on the subject and were told "If it was meant to wound, it was a jolly bad shot - unless my predecessor was eight feet tall".


There seems little doubt that our well-loved ducks were killed just before Christmas by a fox! Not only has the Park Superintendent admitted that there are two about, but Mrs. Westell and Netta have both seen one in the late evening prowling about the place.

BOWLES by D. Patten

Another party of boys is going at the end of term, one week after Princess Anne's visit.

The party that went at the end of last term was successful in spite of the weather.

Mr.Walters, director of the Gymnasium, has asked the Head­master if two boys could go two days after the end of term, to attend the dedication service of their small Alpine-type church which they recently built.

GUESTS by J. Elliott

The Guests we have had this term are Lady Cordingly, Captain and Mrs.Hallett, Mr.Cutting, Mr.Peters (Secretary of Roan School), the Warden of Kingham Hill, Mrs.Croome, Sir Hugh Saunders, and The Registrar of Queen Mary's College.

[ A letter from Mr. Weymarn - teacher]

Dear Mr. Editor,

This term, the school has had a certain amount of success, especially at football. This is probably a landmark in the school's history, since without the help of the older boys, we can set out to find new achievements for ourselves.

In addition to this we have tried to introduce various new activities which we hope will add new interest to school life. These include the 4-a-side Football Tournament, the Chess tournament, and above all the introduction of Junior House Matches.

Having spent my school days at a school which can probably boast the greatest tradition in the country, I feel that a sense of loyalty in any school is essential, and this is what we must build up now.

In any match whether it be work or play, we must remember from the point of view of those taking part that we are representing the school, the house, or even one's own team, and everyone must make every effort to promote the success of the team, and the game as a whole.

From the point of view of the remainder of the school, those not taking part, they must remember that it is their school or house that is being represented and therefore must give the teams as much support as possible. Any selfish attitudes can ruin the whole effort of the team, consequently making the game unenjoyable to others and also forfeiting almost all chance of success.

All this requires a great deal of responsibility from the senior part of the school. This, up to two terms ago was maintained by the older boys, but now they are no longer with us and now it is time for the Vth and IVth forms to take over to form a helpful and responsible branch of the school.

It must be repeated that loyalty in any activity is essential in any school of this kind and we must fight to achieve it. We must never give up, never say that something is hopeless, never lose interest in something we have set out to do: This is the key to success.

Yours sincerely,

M. de Weymarn.


B. Whittaker:
Head of House; School Prefect; Hon-Secrotary of Octagon; Library Committee; Cinema Committee; Cub Instructor and a Senior Scout.

House Prefect; Cinema Committee; Treasurer of Jazz Club; School Orchestra; Senior Scout; Passed grade five in clarinet; Riding Club Instructor.

J. Crewdson:
Library Committee; Octagon Cross-Country school team; 3 medals for running; Basket Ball Squad and Captain of Under 15 Hockey XI.

B. Shorter:
Head of House; School Prefect; Magazine Editorial Committee; Treasurer of Octagon; Chapel Committee; School Orchestra; Passed clarinet exam; Sergeant in C.C.F.

T. Towner:
Sergeant in C.C.F. School Monitor; Stow 1st XV Rugger Team; President of Jazz Club; Trying for Dundee University; Chapel Committee.

J. Forsdyke:
Corporal in C.C.F.Shooting Colours; School Orchestra; Passed exam on the clarinet.

Ogden, Barley, Pafford, Pendleton, Rodgers and Dixon:
All are members of the C.C.F. All have settled down and are doing well.

B. Pafford:
Cross Country Junior Teams; 1st. in exams.

D. Evison:
In C.C.F. and is doing well.

E. Lloyd:
Senior Scout; School Orchestra; Passed trumpet exam; Jazz Club; Stow 1st XV Rugger Team; Hockey 1st XI and Basket Ball Squad.


This term being very short, not much has happened to merit mention, but I have done my best to write an article of interest for the "Chronicle".

The Old boys have been fairly successful in sport, with two Old boys playing for the school at various sports.

Martin Smith is in Bristowe House and form 5th. Languages. This term he started a Model Railway Club in the school, and was elected its Chairman. He was confirmed this term by the Bishop of Guildford. He intends to be a teacher.

Ian MacFadyen is in Bristowe house and form L 4 a. He is playing Katherine in the school play, Henry V. He founded a school Aircraft Society this term. He came 5th. in the Inter-House Cross Country, and was the first finished in his form and the house. He intends to be a doctor. He is the only ex-Vanbrugh boy not to have been beaten. He is learning the clarinet and piano.

Barry Longhurst is in Mullens house, form 5th. Science. He did fairly well in the School Inter-House Cross Country. He intends to become a Civil Engineer. He is learning the flute, and played it in the House Music Competition.

Donald Taylor is in Mullens House, and form 5th Science. He is the 2nd XI hockey goalkeeper, and a member of the School Squash V. He is also in his Senior House Hockey and Squash teams, and lias been awarded his house colours for Hockey. He is a lance-corporal in the C.C.F. and has passed his C.C.F. Proficiency exam. He intends to go to Granwell and join the R.A.F.

Chris Pafford is in Capel house, form 5th Science. He is playing the Bishop of Ely in Henry V. He is still, as always, a walking History Book.

David Pafford is in Capel house, form 6th Languages. He is captain of his house and the school. He is taking his "A" Levels this July. This is probably his last year at school, and he will be going on to university.

Andrew McCulley is in Capel house, form Lower 6th. Arts. He is in the school first XI for hockey, and the school Chapel choir. He is learning the Euphonium and played it in the House Music Competition.

Finally, I should like to add that all 5th formers are taking their "O" Levels this July.

All the Old Boys send their best wishes to readers of the Vanbrugh Chronicle.


All of the candidates entered for other boarding schools passed. They are as follows :-

K. Huxford, J. Clelford, D. Patten, T. Maynard and M. Cull : Reeds
S. Jones : Kingham Hill
P. Banbury, I. Webber and H. Richardson : Wolverhampton


Football Easter 1965

[Written by Mr de Weymarn]

The football has been extremely successful this term with a record which reads: Played 12, Won 7, Drawn 1, Lost 4, Goals for 47, Goals against 31. This is very encouraging for a school of our size.

This has been achieved because the team has played as a team, proved by the fact that over half our total goals were scored by the Centre Forward, the person who is meant to score them. There has, therefore, been no selfish play, and each player has contributed to every goal in his own special way. The passing movements, which are so more likely to gain ground, have proved themselves to be far superior to individual efforts.

The team has played attacking, attractive football with the halves supporting their forwards in the best possible manner. Patten and McCann were extremely good in this respect, starting many a movement which led to a goal. Maynard has captained the team well and played many a good game at inside forward. In this position he has been able to combine attack with coming back to help his defence when necessary.

Of the other members of the team, it has been Cull's determination which has got him his goals plus the ability to make good use of every opportunity. He nearly always positioned himself extremely accurately. Sanders has kept goal well and in view of his size has made many a courageous save. He won us many matches. Mulligan has proved a tower in defence, using his weight to the greatest advantage. Richardson, although he still lacks the ability to anticipate what is about to happen, has also played well, many of his centres leading to goals. Keeble improved immensely as the term progressed, and by the end was adding a real punch to the forward line. A little more speed, anticipation and the use of the left foot will make him a very useful player. Solomon was perhaps the most unnoticed player on the field since he has not got the weight of the other two halves to do such spectacular deeds, but he always did his job in an extremely efficient manner.

The other two positions in the team were largely decided by the weather. Towards the end of term the ground became very heavy and it was felt that more weight was necessary to combat this. Barlow, Tyekiff, Kendall and Thirsk did very well in their matches and will perhaps play regularly next season.

Finally, a word about the support. There is no doubt that our unbroken home record was achieved with the help of the school cheering from the touch-line. This was great incentive to all the players. Thanks should be also given to Mr. Bottrill for a) bringing the school b) his pep talks at half time. Also to Mr. Morgan, Mrs.Goldie, and Cheesman whose support at home and away was invaluable.

The term's football has been extremely enjoyable from my point of view and I hope from everyone else's as well. Perhaps next term will be as good.

M. de W.


Kings College, Cambridge A Lost 5-2
Ravensbourne College H Won 4-2
Westminster Abbey Choir Sch. H Won 5-0
Westminster Under School H Won 5-2
Ravensbourne College A Lost 2-1
St. Faith's Cambridge A Won 4-3
Kings College, Cambridge H Won 8-1
Roan School A Lost 4-2
Northbrooke School A Lost 0-1
St. Faith's Cambridge H Won 7-2
Roan School H Drew 4-4

Junior House Match Harries Won 3-0

Senior House Match Still to play


Westminster Under School Away Lost 60 points to 43 points.

House Cross Country:-

Junior: Harries

Senior: Cordingley


Sanders * Kendall Maynard MacFadyen
Barlow Mulligan * Patten Ingleson
Cull * Solomon + Baker McConnell T.
Maynard (Capt.) * Patten * Kimber McConnell M.
Richardson + McCann * Cull (Capt.) Maynard J.
Keeble + Banbury Sanderson
* Colours + Half Colours Breary Loverseed


Cull: 15
Maynard: 7
Richardson: 4
Keeble: 3
Barlow: 2
McCann: 1


1. What is your favourite play? Arsenic and Old Lace
2. What is your favourite book? Tale of Two Cities
3. Who is your favourite author? Dickens
4. What is your favourite film? 39 Steps
5. What is your favourite shop? Marks and Sparks
8. What is your favourite dish? Welsh Rarebit
7. What is your favourite television programme? Dr. Finlay's Casebook
8. What is your favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday
9. What place do you like best in England? Truro
10. If you relived your life what job would you do? Doctor
11. Who is your favourite film star? Charles Laughton
12. What is your favourite drink? Tea
13. What is your favourite car? Riley
14. Where would you like to spend a free holiday? Canada
15. What's wrong with the world? Everything
16. How would you like to die? In bed
17. What weather do you prefer? Mild
18. If you could be anybody in History, who would you be? Richard 1st
19. What television channel do you like best? I. T. V.
20. What actor do you like best? Andrew Cruikshank