Vanbrugh Castle School

School Trips 1960-1975

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School Trips 1960-1975

RAF Odiham 1965

RAF Odiham 1965

The boys in Fourth and Fifth form with Mr Morton, Mrs Smith and Miss Lyons at RAF Odiham in 1965. Robin Jakeman and others unnamed.

Middle row : McConnell, Chicken (nickname), Colin Thirsk, Saunders, ?, ?, David Solomon, Richard Haig (Haggis), Arthur Rodgers, Kendall.
Other Rows : Paul McCann (behind C Thirsk), Robert Campbell (4th from left at front), Nigel Grayson (just behind Saunders), Kevin Mulligan (big Irish lad at back close to Mr Morton), Brian Tyekiff (to the right of Kevin at the back)

RAF Odiham 1965

RAF Odiham 1967

RAF Coltishall 1968

A group of boys visiting the Spitfire of the Battle of Britain Flight at RAF Coltishall in 1968.

L to R : Ian Black, ? , John Cook , Gribben, ?, ? ,Sawyer, ? , McConnell and Rashid.

RAF Cranwell 1969

Colin Mulligan mans the foam extinquisher on top of the fire engine. The boys are accompanied by John Corner (headmaster)

RAF Gutersloh 1970

RAF Odiham 1971

RAF station 1965

Brian Tyekiff (at back below rifle), Paul McCann (between rifle & Sergeant). Saunders (far right), Mr Morton (right background)

RAF Akrotiri 1972.

In 1972 a group of boys flew to Cyprus for a fortnight’s stay with RAF families at Akrotiri and Episkopi. Visits to RAF stations nearer home were fairly frequent but this was the first so far a field.
Here the boys are getting off a VC 10.

Going up the steps and from L to R are :
Ian Nethercott, Pete McCann, Graham Butler, Colin Cummings, Ian Black, Jonathon Baker, Mark or Rob Elliot, ?, Paul McCann, ?, ?, Simon Quail . Next to Paul is probably Nick Buxcey.

Visit to RAF Stanmore Park in 1972.

The plane is a Gloster Javelin. On the left is Richard Head. Mr Bouteloupe and Mrs Dyer are the teachers.Colin Cummings is at the back under the number 5 on the aircraft.Mark Olner is on the front row with Simon Harris,Quail brothers,Nick Buxcey, Ian Black.