Vanbrugh Castle School

The School in 1955

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The school in 1955

Back Row : Malcolm Dare, P.Finch, M.Bartlett, K.Dare, P.Kendall, M.Croxford, T.Green, M.Lewis, F.Valentine, R.Jenkins, D.Wilkie, M.Willis, J.Porter
Second Row : C.Addison, Porter , M.Laughlin, James Thompson. V.Towner, Hawes, B.McLeod, P.McLeod, C.Bartlett, ?, Michael Fenner, Jenkins, Michael Utting
Middle Row : K.Wildish, Hall, Miss Birch(Ass.Matron), Mr Jones(Housemaster), Miss Wentworth(Matron), Mr Corner(Head), Miss Tillotson(Ass.Matron), Mr Roberts(Housemaster), P.Kennett, J.Valentine, A.Rowling
Fourth Row : J.Deamer, M.Banbury, Anthony Lewis, I.McCulley, G.Fenner, T Towner, Turner, D.Pafford, W.Antill, A.McCulley
Bottom Row : M.Curtis, D.Gardiner, Brown, D.Williams, B.Whittaker, C.Gibbs, Donald Taylor, C.Pafford, John Forsdyke