Vanbrugh Castle School

Cricket Match at Rectory Field

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SUGAR RAY ROBINSON was there. So were Godfrey Evans, Henry Cooper and Billy Walker. And so were hundreds of eager autograph hunters.

Hopefully grasping pen and paper, they never gave the personalties of sport and show business a free moment.

This was the Rectory Field, Blackheath, on Sunday when a Vic Lewis XI played Godfrey Evans's XI in a charity match organised by Greenwich Round Table in aid of the RAF Bene­volent Fund School at Vanbrugh Castle, Greenwich, to pay for a games room that the Round Table have already supplied.

But for many of the 5,000-plus crowd the match was of secondary importance. They were there to see the stars.


Sugar Ray Robinson, back in England to fight British middle­weight hope Terry Downes, did not play but put in a guest appearance. And he was besieged by hundreds hoping to get his signature.

The match was blessed with fine weather - but not the best of luck. For the tannoy system broke down minutes after the start of the match - something beyond the control of the Round Table members - and this marred the enjoyment for most spectators.

A running commentary on the match would have made it more of a success, for many of the spectators did not know who was who in the field or recognise some of the players when they came into bat.

For the record, Vic Lewis's team batted first and declared at 240 for eight. Godfrey Evans's XI were all out for 223 in reply - but former Charlton goal­keeper Sam Bartram could not bat as he injured a leg while fielding. If Bartram had batted, Evans's team could well have clinched victory.

The Vic Lewis team was: Lewis, Roy Bentley, Joe Broadfoot, John Byrne, Tony Britton, Frank Holder, Ron Bell, Herschel Holder, Dennis Cox, John Griffiths and Cyril Shane.

Godfrey Evans's XI was: Evans, Wally Barnes, Derek Ufton, Frank Hill, Ian Wooldridge, Johnny Byrne, Sam Bartram, Dennis Edwards, Henry Cooper, Billy Walker and Bill Nelan.

SAM BARTRAM, former Charlton goalkeeper, tries his hand at bowling in the charity match.

A boxing lesson for Sugar Ray?

NOT really, even though former Kent and England wicketkeeper Godfrey Evans, seen sparring up to Sugar Ray Robinson, used to be a professional boxer. But it looks as though Sugar Ray could do with a lesson in adopting a cricket stance.