Vanbrugh Castle School

Cake for the boys

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Well, those RAF chaps really take the cake

A GROUP of schoolchildren shared a slice of history with the RAF on Tuesday.

And they all agreed it was a very tasty slice indeed. For the children at the RAF Benevolent Fund school, Vanbrugh Castle, Blackheath, were given a huge fruit cake.

The cake — all 81 Ibs of it — was baked to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the RAF's Radio Engineering Unit, Henlow.

And rather than eat it themselves the men gave it to the sweet-toothed boys at Blackheath. At a special ceremony at the school the cake's creator, Sgt. Norman Collins revealed what went into the mammoth masterpiece.

"I just cannot stand fruit cake," he explained. "But I knew the kids would love it."

And although the finished product with its elaborate scrolls and crests looks complicated to make, Sgt. Collins said it was really not so difficult. A piece of cake really.