Vanbrugh Castle School

Links Training Pamphlet

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This pamphlet was produced for the Army training programme in about 1951.

Some Names :
Webb-Jones with Peter Mcleod
"Prep" : Tommy Comer (nearest camera)
Trenchermen all : Comer, Vickery, Arthur, Strachan, Colbourne, Green, Glew, Bartlett
And so to bed : ?
A class in progress : Valentine, Arthur, Wildish, Giles, ?, D.R.Jones (master)
Elevenses : Rowling, Mcleod, Cook, Valentine, Hall, Giles, Bartlett, ??
Organised : K.Wildish, R.Hall, F.Valentine,P.Giles
Pianissimo : Peter Lyons, Bartlett, Mcleod, ??