Vanbrugh Castle School

Housewife Magazine

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Boys in Vanbrugh Castle school's new library—see story below

Re-printed from The Housewife Magazine September 1965


All over the country this month children are going back to school—and the boys in the photograph on this page go to a rather special school. Vanbrugh Castle is run by the RAF Benevolent Fund as a prep school for the sons of airmen who have been killed or disabled, or whose wives have died or are invalids.

About sixty boys between the ages of eight and thirteen years are taught in this old castle, built by Sir John Vanbrugh in 1717 in large grounds at Greenwich, and given to the Fund in 1921 by the late Mr. Alexander Duckham. It has bean constantly added to and enlarged —besides the new library shown in our photograph, the school has a recreation room, hobbies room, cinema, laboratory and games room.

But this school is only one of the many responsibilities of the RAF Benevolent Fund. Appeals for donations to help their work will be made during Battle of Britain Week, September 13th-19th. Remember that this year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain—and if you would like to help, send your gift to the RAF Benevolent Fund, 67 Portland Place, London, W. 1.