Vanbrugh Castle School

Flat 4 Photos

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Flat 4 Photographs

This is the top floor of the block shown above. All the internal walls have been removed to form an open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area.
The door, at the top of spiral stairs from below, gives access to the room.

Another view of the room shown above looking towards Greenwich Park.

Yet another view in the art/science room. On the left the kitchen is in the space which used to be a separate room.

The open-plan kitchen

The spiral staircase from the ground floor. (This used to be a small room for the boy’s shoes, later converted to a shower room) On the right is a bathroom where the playroom was (see below).

Bathroom in part of the play room on the ground floor.

This is the 1960’s extension to the science block.

Another bedroom fashioned from the playroom on the ground floor.

This bedroom on the ground floor is in the garage/changing room

The art room/science rooms on the right of the entrance to the castle. A round headed window has replaced the double ‘garage’ doors to the boot room which is now a bedroom (see above).

A lush looking garden on the ground between the science block and the coach house. This is where the additional classrooms were constructed in the 1960’s.