Vanbrugh Castle School

Alexander Duckham Gift

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The Fund discusses the gift of Vanbrugh Castle offered by Alexander Duckham in 1920

Documents from the National Archive at Kew

Below is the letter sent to the widows of deceased airmen

Translation of handwritten note to Colonel Burch from Sir John Salmond(?)

Dear Colonel Burch,
I have just got your letter of the 30th. I expect to be in Scotland till the beginning of September but Mr Field, who is acting chairman of the Vanbrugh Committee during my absence, knows the change of plans.
Possibly it may be better for the Fund to accept(?) a sum of money from Mr Duckham and ask him to have Vanbrugh Castle back but alternatively the Executive might wish to consider to use V.Castle for children of school leaving age.
If Mr Duckham is returning in Nov. or Dec. this might from our point of view be early enough for a decision but if he wants an immediate settlement my personal feeling ---- to prevent any ------ is to let V.Castle go.
I am glad the Slimmings have been nice about the position; perhaps you will let him know about recent developments in case he wishes to call a meeting of the committee.

It is difficult to figure out which rooms are being referred to here.