Vanbrugh Castle School

Cuttings from 1969

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Kentish Independent July 1969

Speech Day 1969

MARSHAL of the Royal Air Force Viscount Portal of Hungerford, K.G., deputy chairman of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, was principal speaker at the annual speech day at the Fund's residential school at Vanbrugh Castle, Blackheath on Saturday.

Lord Portal spoke to the 60 boys, sons of deceased airmen, of the importance of discipline in our changing society, "Discipline," he declared, " is really nothing more than the observance of sensible rules. It will enable you to become complete and useful members of the commu­nity."

Mr. John H. Corner, the headmaster, spoke of im....[words missing]

Kentish Independent July 1969

Schoolboys visit R.A.F. Oakington

The visitors at the controls of the Varsity simulator

Ten schoolboys, whose fathers either died or were killed while serving with the Royal Air Force, left R.A.F. Oakington yesterday after a 24-hour visit to the station during which they watched parachute drill and a rescue from a "burning" plane. and operated the controls of mock aircraft.

The boys, aged 10 to 13 years are pupils at the Vanbrugh Castle School at Blackheath in London, which is run by the R.A.F. Benevolent Fund, for boys of dead or disabled airmen.

Their headmaster. Mr. J. H. Corner, who has 60 boys at the school, told a reporter: "The purpose of the visit is to show the boys something of the R.A.F. and to show the R.A.F. something of the work that the Benevolent Fund does."

After leaving Oakington, the boys went to the Strike Command station at R.A.F. Collishall.

Kentish Independent 22nd May 1969


"SOON WE'LL BE IN there experimenting ...". Vanbrugh Castle boys on the outside looking in at the opening of their new biology laboratory

A NEW biology laboratory was opened last week at Vanbrugh Castle, Blackheath, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund's residential school. It was made possible by the donation of £2,500 from the Variety Club of Great Britain.

The handing-over ceremony was by Wing-Commander Leslie A. Maconnell, who said that should the bills exceed that amount they would be happy to make up the difference. Present also was Vice-Admiral Sir Ronald Brookman. Both represented the Variety Club.

Air Marshal Sir William Coles, Controller of the Benevolent Fund, said the laboratory would be a valued addition to the amenities of the school, founded in 1920, where 60 boys, aged from 8 -13 are educated.

Last year, the fund spent £130,851 on educational work throughout the United Kingdom, as part of a total relief expenditure of £845,155.

The headmaster of the school is Mr. John H. Corner and Air Marshal Sir Walter Merton is chairman of the School Committee.

The VIP's Here are Vice-Admiral Sir Ronald Brookman and Air-Vice Marshal Sir John Cordingly (back row) while in front, left to right, are Wing-Commander Mcdonnell, Air Marshal Sir William Coles, Lady Cordingly, Mr John Corner and Air Chief Marshal Sir Walter Merton.