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Some email addresses

Robert Danks 1947-? :
Peter Kennett 1947 - 1956 : worked for years in Zimbabwe but was expelled by Mugabe.

Died 2016
John Glew 1947 - 195? : had a very successful career in the merchant navy and lives in Australia. When Douglas Bader visited the school John told him he was leaving to join the Merchant Navy, Bader replied " An independent eh! good luck"
Barry Green 1947 - 1952 : had a long career in the RAF & would like to hear from anybody who remembers him. Please send messages through this site. Click to send your message through this site.
Peter Norman 1947 - 1955 : had a career in electronics.

Peter died in May 2018. Click to send your message through this site.
David Wildish 1948-1956 : moved to Canada & became an expert in sea floor studies for the Canadian Government. Mail to Dave Wildish
Ken Wildish 1948-1959 :
Ron Hawes and brother Roger 1957-1961 : would like anybody who knew them to get in touch.
Paul McCann 1963-1966 :
Mark Elliot 1965-1970 : Mail to Mark Elliot
Rob Elliot 1967-1972 :

Kevin Mulligan 1962-1966 :
Alun MacFadyon 1962-1967 :
John Elliot 1962-1965 :

John died in 2015
Stephen Hammond 19??-1976 :
Charles Kendall 1964? :
Nev Armstrong 1964 - 1969 :
Ian Black 1968-1972 :
Ray Reeder 1961-64 : asks if anybody recalls him from this period? Finding this web site has taken me back to times that were all but forgotten.
John Cooke Capt. Rtd. 1966 -1970.

John died in 2015.